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We are a young Czech couple living in Switzerland.  We started dating in 2012 and when we moved in together and were about to celebrate our first Christmas, we started the hunt for a perfect Christmas tree and stand.

We were dissapointed at how ugly the Christmas tree stands were and at the limited choice available—all plastic and dark green, and in poor taste. 

Encouraged by our closest friends and family, in 2017 we designed our own stand, founded a Czech-based company with the help of Pavel's father Vladimir, and here we are.

For 2018, we added even more products into our e-shop, so check it out! 




In 2017 we launched a collection of minimalist and practical christmas tree stands inspired by Scandinavian design and manufactured from steel and wood in Southern Bohemia.

You can choose from two different woods and dark gray- or white-painted steel.  The stands can accommodate trees with trunks up to 7cm diameter and 180cm in height, with branches reaching up to 100cm across. It is delivered in a compact box, perfect for storage, and is easy to assemble.  

Everyone needs a hug—including your Christmas tree!

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