OnaOna (He&She) Baptized in Vals

In March 2018, Vlado surprised us with a new product. We started calling it either He & She or She & He or in Czech OnaOna. They are available in two different options with brighter or darker `skin/hair`combination. We actually found this wooden couple very entertaining,... and it is not just us :) You can check out this link for more...

While thinking about how to properly baptize these two new members of our product family, we figured out that the best place to do so would be at the famous spa in Vals (Switzerland) designed by architect Peter Zumthor. That place is a absolute must see for all esthetic lovers. The village is full of great architecture and breathtaking mountain views. You can even book a stay in this peculiar house featured in many documents about architecture.

Pavel Sefcik